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We're at the forefront of innovation, bringing you three core benefits that redefine the gaming world

  • Empowered by Blockchain: Immerse yourself in a realm where blockchain ensures unshakable security and unmatched transparency, setting a new standard for gaming integrity.
  • Unveil True Transparency: Explore a gaming environment that is truly transparent. Every transfer is visible, building trust and enhancing your gaming experience.
  • Provably Fair Games: Step into a world of gaming where fairness is guaranteed. With coming provably fair games, you can verify every result, assuring you of the authenticity and excitement you deserve.
  • ReelBulls - Where blockchain meets gaming brilliance, delivering the gaming experience you've been waiting for.

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roadmap 2.2

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Q3-Q4 2021: Laying the Foundations

  • Founded the ReelBulls project, marking a significant milestone in blockchain-based gaming.
  • Forged strategic partnerships, establishing a solid network to amplify our impact.
  • Started the development of an innovative Remote Gaming Server (RGS) from scratch.
  • Secured a groundbreaking collaboration with 1ATH.Studio, is a testament to our commitment to innovation. This partnership paved the way for our first NFT-based game rooted in the IggyBoy NFT collection items.

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Q1-Q2 2022: Steadfast Progress

  • Continued to advance the development of the RGS, an essential cornerstone of our gaming revolution.
  • Successfully initiated the creation of initial MVP games, effectively showcasing our visionary gaming concept.
  • Solidified our partnership with 1ATH.Studio, enhancing our capabilities and readiness for upcoming milestones.
  • Seamlessly integrated received NFTs from 1ATH.Studio as in-game symbols and Jackpots, fueling the inception of the captivating IggyBoy game within our bespoke ReelBulls RGS framework.

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Q3-Q4 2022: Advancing Full Throttle

  • Achieved a pivotal moment by deploying the RGS into production, a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation.
  • Continued the rapid evolution of the IggyBoy game, culminating in noteworthy developmental strides.
  • Initiated the creation of the first Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), showcasing our dedication to pushing the boundaries of gaming excellence.

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Q1-Q2 2023: Gearing Up for Grandeur

  • Successfully concluded the intensive development of the IggyBoy game, a remarkable achievement that underlines our meticulous approach.
  • Rigorously tested the IggyBoy game, ensuring an impeccable player experience and flawless functionality.
  • Unveiled the captivating weekly jackpot functionality, enhancing player engagement and excitement. Worked on the Freebi community token integration as an in-game fun-play coin.
  • Simultaneously channeled efforts towards the development of the eagerly anticipated IggyLady game, a testament to our multifaceted innovation.

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Q3-Q4 2023: The Grand Unveiling

  • Announced the highly anticipated release of the IggyBoy game using the fun-play coin, an event that resonates with our commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences.
  • To celebrate the triumphant debut of the IggyLady game, another testament to our ability to transform visionary concepts into reality.
  • Planned the launch of subsequent groundbreaking games, solidifying our brand reputation. Continuously expanded our portfolio with new partnerships and a captivating array of games, cementing our position as trailblazers in the gaming landscape.
  • The ReelBulls journey continues, redefining gaming norms and pushing the boundaries of innovation. As we navigate through these milestones, we remain dedicated to delivering a gaming experience that transcends expectations.

To be continued

To be continued



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